A Little About Me

Welcome to my WordPress! I decided to create this blog so that I can be in direct contact with you, my fans. Explore this site and keep up to date by being the first to be informed about my new book releases and projects!

From a young age I always enjoyed writing and entertaining people with my stories. This love never faltered, even when I sought an education that was as far from literature as possible, medicine. I briefly attended medical school, before realizing that writing was my true passion. Although I love the challenge that comes with learning about the human body, I decided to drop out of school so that I could dedicate my life to becoming an author. I have never looked back. The freedom that comes with creating a story is not something that could be recreated in a classroom. I have since relocated back to my beloved home of New Jersey where I am free to let my imagination roam and make great stories for my fans to enjoy.



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